How can I download iis url rewite 2.0?

Let's open iis.
This is non-setting iis!
 Let's download new web platform components
This button is on your right.
Press the Get New Web Platform Components.
If you press the button, The Microsoft's page is opened.
Press Install this extension.
This file is installed.
 IIS Web Platform Installer is executed
Accept license and
Press the Install button.
Allow iis installer to execute in admin.
 Set up is finished.
Let's back to iis.
You can see that IIS Web Platform is installed.
Press the Web Platform.
You can see IIS's Web Platform Installer's gui.

Search ""

You can see Url Rewrite 2.1.
Press Add button and install.

 Press the I Accept.

If you get error message like this,
Open window search (win+s)
Open Web Platform installer in independent.(you must shut down iis)

Search Url rewrite in Web Platform installer again.
Add and install it.

Press I Accept again.
Download is successed.
Let's back to iis.
You can see URL Rewrite.

You can use Url rewite!

Thanks for watching and give me reply anything to question or rewrite.

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