how to use nesez siteblocker?

first, click this link

 Press download button


press run anyway

 *You must run as Adminstrator. If you don't, You can see below error message.


 Press right side of mouse and click run as Adminstrator

You can see above program.

You can block sites in manual.


insert 1 and press enter.


 You can add sites like is added. is blocked in firefox is blocked in chrome is blocked in edge.

You can block sites like this.


Let's use quick site block.

insert 4

 insert your option like this


google is blocked with alert message.

 Let's see blocked sites lists.


insert 3

you can see blocked site lists.

Let's restore blocked site list with prior configuration.

insert 2

insert restore and press enter.

like this, site configuration is restored.

Thanks for using nesez siteblocker!

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